1st ISAPS Resident and Fellow Congress

Course Director and EASAPS President
Dr Ivar van Heijningen M.D.

Chair ISAPS Education Council
Dr. Paraskevas (Vakis) Kontoes M.D., Ph.D

ISAPS is very proud to present the 1st Resident and Fellow Congress that will be held in Bruges, Belgium the 17th October 2019.
This will be a great opportunity to learn from the experts on basic anatomy and surgical techniques. Time will also be spent on the more practical issues such as marketing and setting up a practice. Expert masterclasses will be held, focusing on areas in depth. The goal is to allow the future aesthetic plastic surgeons to mingle and mix with peers and make connections, share and compare problems and experiences with residents in training and fellows from all over the world.
The EASAPS biennial congress will be held on the 18th and 19th October and combining this with the ISAPS congress would make a three day, not to be missed event, and EASAPS will also run some parallel sessions targeting residents and fellows, as well as welcoming them to the main meeting that features a dynamic programme on facial rejuvenation.
We would be very happy to welcome you in Bruges and have you take part in this wonderful opportunity to improve your skills, create your future networks, meet experts and of course, have a lovely few days in this beautiful city.

Biennial Meeting on Facial Rejuvenation

Course Director and EASAPS President
Dr Ivar van Heijningen M.D.

As EASAPS president I am honoured that the 2019 EASAPS meeting will be held in Bruges. It will be a pleasure to meet you in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in the country that is my home. We will be able to spend a few days focusing on our speciality, but we also have the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new connections that will allow us all to build a strong network in our speciality.
The purpose of EASAPS is to serve our member societies and European aesthetic plastic surgeons and promote the European spirit.
Looking foward to meeting you all in Bruges

Chair of Scientific Committee EASAPS
Birgit Stark

Please inform all your colleagues about the opportunity to share and compare all aspects of facial rejuvenation during this important event which is targeted to all those interested in the field of aesthetic surgery of the face. The meeting is structured to offer interesting lectures for both young surgeons and those with more experience. This is important to promote the EASAPS vision to convey and work for European education and training within our plastic surgical specialty. We would especially like to invite our younger colleagues to take part. We strongly believe that a European network strengthens our specialty in times of unclear regulation in many countries.
All invited lectures on facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation by the expert faculty members will focus on long-term results, patient safety, refinements of techniques as well as management of complications and adverse events.
According to EASAPS rules, we will also invite all member societies to submit the best presentation held at their National annual meeting to be part of the “Voice of Europe” session.
Young specialists in plastic surgery or those in the last year of residency are also invited to submit an abstract on facial plastic surgery. The best presentation of them will be awarded with a fellowship in aesthetic plastic surgery.
We hope to see you in October 2019!