Swedish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The President of SFEP is Richard Lewin
The SFEP delegates for EASAPS are:
Assoc Prof. Birgit Stark
Assoc Prof. Richard Lewin
SFEP Svensk Förening för Estetisk Plastikkirurg / transl; Swedish Society och Esthetic Plastic Surgery was founded in 1983 as a result to meet education matters. The five founding members were;
Hans Holmström, Lennart Bartholdson, Carl-Evert Johnson, Bengt Pontén and Lars Uddströmer. One of the first Presidents were Jan-Olof Strömbäck. In the beginning it was only members from University hospitals that also were performing aesthetic surgery in their spare time. The science from Sweden at that time focused for blepharoptosis, TRAM flap, reconstruction of noses with Binder syndrom (Holmström), reconstruction after vulva cancer (Bartholdson), supercharged fasciocutaneous flaps (Pontén), refinements in treatment of burns (Johnson), reconstruction of the rheumatism affected hand (Uddströmer) and refinements in Reduction mammarplasty (Strömbäck)
From 1989 it was merged together with the fulltime practised plastic surgeons as well.
Initially it was focusing for yearly meetings for only one topic at the time such as face-lift, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, etc. The number of members increased and during the 90 and millenium it developed to be more of a yearly Congress meeting with international invited speakers. Contributing plastic surgeons at that time were Per Hedén, Jan Jernbeck and Carl-Åke Troilius. Still Per Hedén is a high-energy contributor to our meetings.
Today SFEP are 74 active members and the Board consist of 5 people including, since 2010, also an IT expert. As to meet the demand of continuously updating our website, to be presentable to Media, Patients, Members and also be a source for Governmental issues. Our mission is educating Patients and Media.
SFEP has been busy the last years by many subjects. As to mention the VAT introduced in Sweden 2015. Not to forget the European standardisation program Also the PIP (Polyimplant Prothesis made in France) scandal has taken a lot of effort where 4000 patients in Sweden were implanted with PIP. There is still law processes going on in Sweden and also Swedish layers are involved in a process in Aix-En-Provence, France. Now we are giving a lot of energy to correctly inform patients and follow the recommendations according to ALCL. The now biggest task on every meeting we are attending.
During three years in a row we have Patient safety questionnaires out and summing up at the SFEP yearly meeting together with a panel of expert. Results have been the base line for creating Guidelines
Antibiotic prophylaxis
Thrombosis prophylaxis
Combination procedures recommendations.
The creation of BRIMP Breast Implant Register is another patient safety issue, where Birgit Stark is the creative plastic surgeon and made it possible to launch here in Sweden. It is already now possible to make analysis of several outcome parameters and the results will be forthcoming reported at yearly SFEP and EASAPS meetings
Not to forget is the importance social interaction where the lunch/dinners and coffee breaks are active spots for changing knowledge with collegues, meeting new friends and also taking part of new products presented by Sponsors.
Why not visiting Sweden in September at our next meeting. Check the dates for next meeting at our website SFEP.se

President Richard: Lewin
Secretary General: Jesper Bergendahl
Vice President: Filip Farnebo
Treasurer: Rojda Gumuscu
Media / IT : Johan Thorfinn
Assistent: Heléne Fägerblad helene@hfconsulting.se