President: Aurélie Fabié Boulard

The French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is named SOFCEP.

Created in 1987, the S.O.F.C.E.P. is a scientific Society of Surgeons all board qualified inPlastic Surgery by tne french National Concil of Medecine, and who are practicing Aesthetic Surgery procedures in their daily practice.However, all the french board qualified Plastic Surgeons are not mandatorily members of the S.O.F.C.E.P.

The surgeons members of the S.O.F.C.E.P. must apply the Society Chart la charte de la S.O.F.C.E.P.). and particularly with regards to ethics.The S.O.F.C.E.P. members must update their knowledge permanently and interchange with the other surgeons in the world. They cannot advertise , even through their hospitals.

If you seek for a Plastic Surgeon member of S.O.F.C.E.P. for an Aesthetic Surgery procedure, you will be certain that the surgeon is board qualified in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in France, also that he (she) updates of his (her) knowledge, and that he (she) applies the S.O.F.C.E.P. chart. The S.O.F.C.E.P. Executive Committee is responsible of the communication of the Society.