Welcome Letters

Course Co-Director and EASAPS President
Dr Josè Carlos Parreira

Dear Friends and colleagues,


The important date of the E(A)SAPS Biennial Meeting, in Lisbon, is approaching and I will be so happy to give you a very warm welcome in my home city.

Here in Lisbon, we can all meet in person, thanks also to the safety of the country and the enormous release of the pandemic restrictions, we are experiencing.

The Meeting, as you will see, is full of very interesting presentations and room for discussions. We also involved the Industry to discuss with us their ideas and together focus in our main goal, Patient Safety.  We have kept a high standard of educational level, as usual, as you can see from our Program.

We also prepared a very nice Social Program in the beautiful City of Lisbon, for you and your family or friends.

One of the most important aspects is the possibility to meet surgeons from all over Europe, and to be able to listen and discuss the problems that unite us, with them.

We will continue to serve our Member Societies and individual European Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons , in our particular European Spirit and we will try to represent all of you in the future hoping to serve every single plastic surgeon in the best way we can.


The honour for me is enormous and since I will be handing over the Presidency during the meeting, the significance for me is even greater,


I am looking forward to welcome you all in Lisbon in a few weeks time.





EASAPS President

José Carlos Parreira

Chair of Scientific Committee EASAPS
Birgit Stark

We will be delighted to meet you all again after years of digital meetings at this EASAPS meeting in Lisbon 22. This important event will promote the EASAPS vision, that is to focus on European education and training within our plastic surgical specialty. We would especially like to welcome our younger colleagues that have joined us here. In times of unclear regulation concerning aesthetic plastic surgery training. we strongly believe that a European network strengthens our specialty.

The latest knowledge on Aesthetic Breast Surgery and Body Contouring will be presented and discussed with you by eminent colleagues with decades of experience in the field. In addition, non-invasive technologies will be presented in a separate scientific session. Young plastic surgeons are offered a full day specifically targeted lectures and masterclasses. Experienced plastic surgeons will enjoy two and a half day sessions of advanced masterclasses, keynotes, interactive discussions, and lectures. Priority will be given to aspects of patient safety and long-term results.

Industry partners promise not only information on their newest technologies in the exhibition hall. This meeting gives room for interactive and inter-professional discussions on the future of industry products in separate sessions.

According to EASAPS by-laws, member societies are presenting the best paper from their National annual meeting 2021 at the “Voice of Europe” session. The best presentation of young plastic surgeons will be awarded with a fellowship in a center of aesthetic plastic surgery. Please note that this event is CME registered.

We hope you will enjoy this meeting and make new friends in your European community of plastic surgeons.

Warmest welcome greetings

Birgit Stark

Chair of Scientific Committee EASAPS