The ancient Japan capital, Kyoto, with its incredible scenery and powerful atmosphere, during a capricious autumn, hosted The ISAPS / EASAPS joint meeting in Kyoto, 23-27 October, 2016

EASAPS Newsletter

Dear colleagues,

After 15 years since the EASAPS initiation by Ulrich T. Hinderer, Jose Manuel Perez-Macias and Yann Levet in Valladolid, Spain, during the first AECEP Congress, we had the great opportunity to present the EASAPS history and activity during the 23rd ISAPS Congress, held in Kyoto.

This is the unique moment of revealing, at this great international scientific event, the young European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (EASAPS), officially registered in Bordeaux, France at 20th September, 2007.

During the EASAPS Forum, moderated by Susumu Takayanagi, it was a special moment when the EASAPS President presented the “Ulrich T. Hinderer” Memorial Plaque, to Yann Levet, Antonio de la Fuente, Norbert Pallua, Nigel Mercer, distinguished for their activities in teaching and promoting the aesthetic surgery speciality, through EASAPS.

Also, the ISAPS President, Susumu Takayanagi, received the “Ulrich T. Hinderer” Memorial Plaque during the ceremony organized at the presidents’ dinner.

The EASAPS had a special dedicated section, as the ISAPS/EASAPS joint session in the first day of the congress, and we had the opportunity to show 14 scientific presentations, appreciated to be with an outstanding scientific level. We have speakers as Jose Carlos Parreira (Portugal), Lina M. Triana (Colombia), Bertha Torres Gomez (Mexico), Joakim Graf von Finckenstein (Germany), Norbert Pallua (Germany), Hiroko Yanaga (Japan), Alexis Verpaele (Belgium), Ana Zulmira Diniz Badin (Brazil), Panagiotis N. Mantalos (Greece), Ernest Magnus Noah (Germany), Nigel Mercer (UK), Jose Maria Serra Renom (Spain), Toma T. Mugea (Romania), Mario pelle Ceravolo (Italy), and Joan Fontdevila (Spain). Many other top European plastic surgeons presented their valuable experience during different sections of the ISAPS Congress, between 23-27 Octobers.

As a member of the ISAPS Global Alliance, EASAPS was represented during the first Forum of this group, organized on 24th October, moderated by Susumu Takayanagi and Renato Saltz, with the following “Hot Topics”: one international voice for global aesthetic plastic surgery, representation on all international issues related to patient safety, safe medical tourism (SMT) and partnership on educational, training and accreditation activities. Apart of this biannual meeting on the ISAPS Global Alliance, there are several important benefits as:
• Important media coverage using ISAPS Public Relations office ISAPS provide aesthetic surgery Symposia connected to EASAPS annual meeting
• ISAPS provide aesthetic surgery Symposia connected to EASAPS annual meeting
• Affiliation with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (APS) Journal, with reduced subscription
• An annual full page EASAPS ad in one issue of APS

• Annual dedicated column in ISAPS News for EASAPS

• News to promote EASAPS annual meeting

• Forum of Alliance Partners at the biennial ISAPS Congress

• Use the logo to promote the ISAPS-EASAPS alliance.

Special thanks with our gratitude to Mrs Catherine B. Foss, the ISAPS Executive Director, the heart of this international institution, who did a lot of preparation to make our joint meeting a successful event.

At Kyoto, after months of preparations, EASAPS becomes more visible, increased in popularity and managed to have the full member attendance during the ExCo (10 members from 10 countries) and a wider European representation during the General Assembly (38 peoples from 18 countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Lebanon, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom).

It was voted in unanimity the new EASAPS ExCo members, the new EASAPS bylaws, and also the decision to organize the EASAPS own congress, which will be held in Bucharest, on 6-7 October, 2017 at Pullman Hotel****. We have more than 45 invited speakers, and expect to have a strong competition during the “Voice of Europe” contest, between the best papers selected by the EASAPS national society’s members. Also a joint ISAPS/EASAPS meeting will be organised, as a traditional and reciprocal partnership, during the first day of the congress, having the ISAPS President, Renato Saltz as our special invited guest.

It will be the 10th EASAPS anniversary since the official registration in Bordeaux, France, and we want to make this a flourishing event.

You are welcome to join us!

Toma T. Mugea, MD, PhD
EASAPS President

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