The Art of Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast; a series of European expertise by E(A)SAPS.

ESAPS is proud to present our upcoming series of webinars on aesthetic plastic surgery of the breast. Showcasing the techniques and skills of our European experts in aesthetic breast surgery and spanning the spectrum of breast aesthetics, this series is not to be missed! Attendance is free for participants.

We are delighted to announce that the first webinar in the series will air on Friday, July 10th, 2020 at 19.00 CET. This webinar will look at An Overview of Aesthetic Breast Surgery with Dr Carlos Parreira (President of E(A)SAPS, Portugal) introducing our series and Dr Birgit Stark (President Elect of E(A)SAPS, Sweden) and Dr Michel Rouif (Secretary General E(A)SAPS, France) moderating.

Our panelists include Dr Ivar van Heijningen (Past President of E(A)SAPS, Belgium), Dr Beatriz Berenguer (E(A)SAPS Member, Spain), Dr Urs Bösch (Treasurer E(A)SAPS, Switzerland) and Dr Nora Nugent (Membership Committee Chair E(A)SAPS, UK).

This webinar will cover:


  1. Breast augmentation, how to choose the right implant for the right patient? Dr Ivar van Heijningen
  2. Mastopexy-augmentation, step by step review of established techniques with algorithm for indication. Dr Beatriz Berenguer
  3. Breast augmentation with hybrid solutions, pros and cons. Dr Urs Bösch
  4. Mastopexy and reduction; what works for long-term results. Dr Nora Nugent

It will be possible for audience participation with interactive polls and question submissions. We invite all our European and international colleagues in plastic surgery to join us on July 10th and for the rest of the series.

To register click on the link below.



We will dive deeper into these topics in the rest of the series with webinars every other month covering breast augmentation (September 2020), breast reduction (November 2020), composite breast augmentation/lipoaugmentation (January 2021), augmentation mastopexy (March 2021) and breast complications (May 2021). Please join us for the series as we expand our knowledge and share our technical tips for aesthetic surgery of the breast.