Aim and Intention of the legal committee

We understand the legal committee to provide help to all aesthetic societies in Europe in legal issues. This will be done by providing a database of individual regulations in our member countries. At the beginning we will start to question all societies about various issues. We see a need to connect our societies to give examples of various national regulations. Each society has to clear their regulation in their country, but the EASAPS database will be a great aid for lawyers and regulators in each country to compare and describe who other countries dal with these important issues in our field:
a. National VAT Regulations in surgical procedures
b. National VAT regulations in all aesthetic non surgical procedures
c. National regulations of buying and selling health relates articles as cosmetics in a doctors practice.
d. National marketing regulations
e. National patient safety regulations
f. National regulations of non surgical and surgical procedures by non plastic surgeons?
g. National regulations of non surgical and surgical procedures by non doctors?
h. National regulations in follow up costs in complication management?

We rely on the help of the national societies to build this data bank. We will send out surveys to receive structured answers which will be given to all member countries.

In addition we could build up a data bank of national layers who provide help to each societies. This will build up a network in cases of European regulations and knowledge exchange.

Dr van Heijningen - Copia

Chair: Ivar van Heijningen


Michel Rouif


Kai Kaye

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