Per Scientiam ad Pulchritudinem
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Our association is the professional society for the promotion of plastic surgery, and is committed to supporting and promoting knowledge, learning and research in this field. It is responsible for postgraduate education as a specialist and for the ongoing continuing medical education of its members. SWISS PLASTIC SURGERY is also responsible for advocating the professional interests and the ethical principles of its members.  D, Postgraduate and Continuing Education (Basel)

The Swiss Society has more than 150 members.

Pierre Quinodoz, MD, President (Geneva)
Prof. Brigitte Pittet-Cuénod, MD, Pastpresident (Geneva)
Yves Brühlmann, MD, Vice President and Quality (Bern)
Prof. Mihai Constantinescu, MD, Treasurer (Bern)
Thomas Fischer, MD,Tariffs and PR (Bern)
Prof. Jörg Grünert, MD, (St. Gallen)
Patricia Roggero, MD (Lausanne)
Prof. Dirk J. Schaefer, MD, Postgraduate