Per Scientiam ad Pulchritudinem
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Bucharest. Romania
Bucharest. Romania

Dear Colleagues,

We have the honor to invite you to attend the scientific event organized for the first time in partnership by the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society (RASS) and the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons (ROAPS).
during June 8th – 11th, 2016, in Bucharest, Pullman Hotel there are to be held:
The XIVth Congress of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons (ROAPS)
The Xth Congress of the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society (RASS)
The First Conference of Plastic Surgery Resident Physicians

The theme of this succession of events will be “The complex therapeutic support of plastic, aesthetic and burns surgery patient”. This wide theme, of great interest, as well as the common platform of the two societies, make of this event a historical and a far-reaching one.

There are invited many specialist and resident plastic surgeons, from the country and abroad, great Romanian and foreign personalities, doctors from other specialties, journalists. We can mention here worldwide personalities of Plastic Surgery who already confirmed their attendance:

Oscar Ramirez (USA), Alex Verpaele (Belgium), Nazim Cerkes (Turkey), Fausto Viterbo (Brasil), Gustavo Abrile (Argentina), Ivar van Heijningen (Belgium), Violeta Skorobac Asanin (Serbia), Eva Siolo (South Africa), Martin Molitor (Czech Republic), Elias Volkmer (Germany), Pierluigi Tos (Italy), Marco Lanzetta (Italy).

We are hoping that during the following period we will be able to announce other pleasant surprises as far as international participation is concerned.
The event will consist in: a day dedicated to plastic surgery courses and symposia on plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery for resident physicians, workshops and live aesthetic surgery, as well as on normal and pathological skin care themes.
We would like that the collegiate spirit, the respect and the transparency felt last year within our community to materialize in a high scientific standard event, performed in a pleasant, relaxed, collegial and friendly environment.
We are looking forward to seeing you,

Presidents of the Congress:

Dana Jianu MD  Congress Director

Dana Jianu, MD  RASS President SRCE            Dragos Zamfirescu, MD ROAPS President