Per Scientiam ad Pulchritudinem
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To become an EASAPS member the Society (fulfilling the requirements of the bylaws attached) needs to send a free form application with the contact details (1-6) below by
 e-mail to the EASAPS president

1 The complete name of your National Society

2 ‘Position tied’ email addresses for your society e.g. secretariat@societyname.xx,

President@societyname.xx etc

3 The postal address of your National Society

4 The name of the President and his/her personal email address

5 The name of the Secretary and his/her personal email address

6 The name of the Treasurer and his/her personal email address

According to the EASAPS bylaws, the National Societies can appoint 1-4 persons to represent their National Society at the EASAPS General Assembly (1 vote/country). The next General Assembly will take place in Bucharest in 2017 and, after that, during the ISAPS 2018 meeting in Miami.

EASAPS has not collected membership fees due to it’s restructuring and there will be a nominal fee of 500 € / Member Society for the year 2017.