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The European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies (EASAPS) is an independent, association of National European Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery societies. EASAPS holds congresses, scientific meetings and symposia and will be organising specialized aesthetic surgical training courses all over Europe.
The legislative body of EASAPS is its Executive Committee, which consists of representatives from National member societies. The Executive Committee meets twice a year to discuss and implement projects and also to modify guidelines and by-laws. A yearly General Assembly is held, normally during an educational event.
In addition, much of the work of the EASAPS is carried out by its Committees, and the Association employs a professional Executive Secretariat, which is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation.
The official journal of the EASAPS is APS (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Executive Committee

President: Toma Mugea, Romania
President Elect: Ivar  van Heijningen, Belgium 
General Secretary: Timo Pakkanen, Finland
Immediate past President: Nigel Mercer, UK
Treasurer: Magnus Noah, Germany
Scientific Chair: Josè Carlos Parreira, Portugal
Executive Secretary: Karen Rogerson (MZ Congressi)

ExCo Members: Eric Auclair, France; Strahil Efremon, Bulgaria; Birgit Stark, Sweden

Historian & Parliamentarian: Panagiotis Mantalos, Greece

Scientific Committee: 
Chairman:  Josè Carlos Parreira, Portugal
Members: Isabel de Benito - Spain; 
Csaba Mólnar  - Hungary; Norbert Pallua - Germany; 
Katharina Russe Wilflingseder- Austria

EASAPS Patient Safety Committee:
Chairman: Ivar Van Heijningen, Belgium
Members: Joseph Berger, Israel; Eric Auclair, France

EASAPS Congress Scientific Committee
President: Toma Mugea, Romania
Members: Joseph Berger, Israel; Isabel de Benito, Spain; Mehmet Beyramicli, Turkey; Gianluca Campiglio, Italy; 
Csaba Mólnar  - Hungary; Norbert Pallua, Germany; Timo Pakkanen, Finland; Jose Carlos Parreira, Portugal; Katharina Russe - Wilflingseder. Austria; Birgit Stark, Sweden