“We are here to serve the member societies”

That is the answer to the question why a European Association of all Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies is useful.
There are many things that connect us, and many issues all of us face that can be addressed better from a European perspective.

Issues such as VAT, training in Aesthetic procedures, European legislation and standards, laws, marketing, competition of other specialists-non-specialists-non-doctors etc etc are worthwhile to work on together. Standard Consent forms, uniform Procedure Information Leaflets and pre-operative checklists are just a few of the things that can be developed together. A database of relevant articles and documents, all the European Society meetings and 5 committees to serve you:
– The Finance, business and legal committee chaired by Magnus Noah
– The Scientific and Education committee chaired by Birgit Stark
– The Patient Safety and Guidelines committee chaired by Violeta Skorobac
– The external relations committee chaired by Gianluca Campiglio
– The Residents committee chaired by Iris Brito

We are preparing a strategic planning meeting on February 3 in Paris to get the input of all European Societies as to where they feel that our priorities must be. The result of that meeting will give us our longtime and short time goals.
We look forward to working for you,

Ivar van Heijningen
EASAPS President

Exco Members

Ivar van Heijningen

  • President-elect: Carlos Parreira
  • Past-presidentToma Mugea
  • Secretary General: Timo Pakkanen
  • Treasurer: Magnus Noah
  • Scientific Chair: Birgit Stark
  • Parliamentarian: Panos Mantalos
  • Members: Paul Harris, Gianluca Campiglio, Michel Rouif, Urs Boesch
  • Executive Secretary: Karen Rogerson
  • Committee Chairs: Violeta Skorobac, Iris Brito